Mudgee Money Gift Card

Mudgee Money Gift Card

We have partnered with WhyLeaveTown to bring our region a proactive gift card program - encouraging more customers to shop locally. Gift cards purchased in the Mid Western Regional area are spent here at any participating supporting store.

If we increased spending in our Mid Western Regional area by just 2% per year, this has the potential to create 23 additional jobs, as well as generate up to $4 million dollars in additional economic value to our region. Just imagine how that 2% would help us all.

Mudgee Money gift card

Top-Up Value

So far the value of cards in circulation is over $369,145 with around $247,290 redeemed in participating businesses to date. This meant at the beginning of June 2021 there was still over $117,209 out there for people to spend!

Mudgee Money Redeemed to Date
Out of a total of $369,145
Spring time tree by the clock tower in Mudgee

Participating in Mudgee Money

A benefit of being a Mudgee Chamber of Commerce member is that businesses are able to join up to Mudgee Money. Please contact us if you would like to join or you have any questions.

For Customers

What is the Mudgee Money Gift Card?

Mudgee Money is a gift ncard program that encourages people to SHOP LOCAL in our Mid-Western Region – thus strengthening our community.

How does it work?

It is a gift card that can be used with the EFTPOS machine of any participating  (redemption) store.

Where do I get one?

You can purchase Mudgee Money gift cards at any LOAD-UP STORE. Or
you may be fortunate and given one by a friend, family member or your boss!

Where can I use it?

At participating REDEMPTION stores within the Mudgee Region, Central NSW.

For Store Owners

How do I become a Redemption Store?

Contact us and we will get you up and running.

Is there a fee?

No! It is one benefits of being a member of Mudgee Chamber of Commerce.

Want to become a Mudgee Money redemption store?

Are you interested in becoming a Mudgee Money redemption store? Follow this link to fill out the application form.